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Kevin J Kennedy is the co-author of You Only Get One Shot, and the man behind the best-selling Collected Christmas Horror Shorts & Collected Easter Horror Shorts anthologies. His short stories have featured in many other notable anthologies in the horror genre.


Kevin lives in a small town in Scotland with his wife, step daughter and two strange little cats. 

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Some Recommendations To Watch

I was on holiday from work last week so I got a chance to catch up with a few things I've been wanting to watch for a while and I thought I would let you know what I thought.

I only just heard about this one at the start of my week off but it was amazing.

Wolf Creek the season. It seems to have came out of nowhere and it's only six episodes but it is a fantastic watch. The actor John Jarrett that plays Mick Taylor in the two movies also plays him in the box set which was a very nice touch. It's set as a prequel to the movies and gives us some back story on Mick. The six episodes follow a young girl who is on the hunt for Mick after he murdered her family but failed to kill her. It's fast paced, got some great scenes and the acting is great. Fingers crossed for a season two. If you enjoy the Wolf Creek mythos there are also two books that I haven't got round to reading yet but I'm looking forward to.

Bound to be worth a read but check out the mini series first.

The next thing I watched which seems to be getting pretty poor reviews but I really enjoyed was...

I'm not too sure what everyone's problem is with this. Rob Zombie makes Splatterpunk movies and that's what this is. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoyed the kill scenes and the bad guys, enjoyed watching Sheri Moon Zombie and liked the concept. All and all a fun watch. Go enjoy it and stop kidding on your a movie critic. ;)

Utter pish. Acting was painful and I struggled to keep paying attention. I watched another shark movie a few weeks ago that I enjoyed a lot more. Pictured below.

While this is seems to be much lower budget than the Shallows it is a much better movie. A lot more tense and a more enjoyable story line. 

 I also finaly got round to watching The Ruins.

I had put this one off for a while but I really enjoyed it in the end. Something a little different and worth a watch. 

And last but not least, although it's an old movie, I finally got to see the Labyrinth in the cinema.

An absolute treat and only the second time my wife had seen the movie. 

That's about all I can remember for now but go watch some of this stuff. It's all good. 


Monday, 12 September 2016

Something to look forward to.

So.......... This is coming your way! The 1st of December, this book will be available to read on your Kindle, with a paperback following shortly after I believe.I doubt I need to bring your attention to the author line up in this one. To say I am out of my depth is an understatement but I feel very proud to be a part of it and it was an absolute pleasure working with Dawn Cano.

I'll post a link when it's up for pre-order.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Excited about my next two reads. Never tried either author before but heard good things about both.

Both authors come highly recommended and both books sound right up my street. I've never read anything by either but I have high hopes. The last three books I have read have been excellent so lets hope these two keep up the trend. 

Last three reads:

Tar by Iain Rob Wright
Chaos Rising by David Owain Hughes
Awakening: The Prequel to Charlotte by Stuart Keane

All excellent by the way. Charlotte by Keane is fantastic as well, as are the first two books in David Owain Hughes Wind Up Toy series. Needless to say everything that Iain writes is golden. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

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General Ramblings and Updates 3

I've had another few acceptances through so though I would post a few more updates.

Lisa Vasquez from Stitched Smile Publications has accepted my story 'Flesh' for the 'Unleashed' anthology which has a Monsters VS Zombie's theme. I believe this will be a two volume antho with an introduction from none other than David Wellington and containing stories by Jeff Stand and Mary Sangiovanni. How cool is that?

I've also been told my story has been accepted for the 'Monster's Among Us' antho by Bloody Kisses Press. I think I subbed this story around nine or ten months ago though and still haven't received a contract so I'm not holding my breath for this one. I got an email saying I was accepted and when I queried the contract I haven't heard back so needless to say this will be my last outing with these guys.

My story 'The Empty' has just been sent back to me for final edits from Michael Bray for the 'Burger Van and Other Short Stories' charity antho so hopefully that one will appear on Amazon in the not too distant future.

Riding The Dark Frontier, a weird west themed antho, containing my story 'Psycho Bill One Shot' will be available from the 28th of September.

Jaded Book Publishing have accepted my story 'The Gatekeeper' for their Halloween themed anthology, due out on Halloween day I believe.

Monster House, a flash fiction piece I wrote will appear in Spooky Halloween Drabble's 2016. Spooky Halloween Drabble's 2015 was the first anthology I had a story appear in so it's nice to be back with them a year down the line. Release date for this one is also Halloween day.

And last but certainly not least my short story 'Master Knows Best' appeared in the author showcase, in Iain Rob Wright's recent apocalyptic tale 'Tar'. To say I am a massive fan of Iain's work would be an understatement so this really was an achievement I can feel proud of.

I've now been writing for just over a year with my first story published just under eleven months ago and the time has just passed by. I have spent that time focused on sending stories to anthologies as you have probably gathered and have done better than I ever expected. I currently have a list of ten anthologies that I would like to submit to or have agreed I would contribute to and it seems a little overwhelming. I have therefor decided to add no more to the list. Once I have worked through them and got the stories sent off I will be focusing more on writing longer works somewhere between novella and novel length. I may release my own short story collection at some point but I just do not have the time to be part of all the anthos I want to be in and write longer works too.

I have been accepted to another few anthos that I don't have release dates for yet and a part of a series that I will post more about closer to the time of release. I'm running at just over an 80% acceptance rate over the last 6 months so if it stays the same and I sub to the anthos on my list I will still have lots more coming your way as I focus on something longer.


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The 'In A Flash' anthology is now available on Amazon. Contains a solo story and one co-written with my wife.

Contained within this latest volume from Sinister Saints Press, are over 100 Young Adult flash fiction stories of the unexpected, guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine and keep you awake at night!

Contains my solo story 'Lonely' and a story I co-wrote with my wife called Malcolm.'


The 'A Door Appeared' anthology is now on Amazon containing my story 'Worzel's Woe's.'

A Door Appeared - 17 strange, horrific and fantastical tales, each beginning with the words "A Door Appeared.

Contains my story Worzel's Woe's.