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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Some Recommendations To Watch

I was on holiday from work last week so I got a chance to catch up with a few things I've been wanting to watch for a while and I thought I would let you know what I thought.

I only just heard about this one at the start of my week off but it was amazing.

Wolf Creek the season. It seems to have came out of nowhere and it's only six episodes but it is a fantastic watch. The actor John Jarrett that plays Mick Taylor in the two movies also plays him in the box set which was a very nice touch. It's set as a prequel to the movies and gives us some back story on Mick. The six episodes follow a young girl who is on the hunt for Mick after he murdered her family but failed to kill her. It's fast paced, got some great scenes and the acting is great. Fingers crossed for a season two. If you enjoy the Wolf Creek mythos there are also two books that I haven't got round to reading yet but I'm looking forward to.

Bound to be worth a read but check out the mini series first.

The next thing I watched which seems to be getting pretty poor reviews but I really enjoyed was...

I'm not too sure what everyone's problem is with this. Rob Zombie makes Splatterpunk movies and that's what this is. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoyed the kill scenes and the bad guys, enjoyed watching Sheri Moon Zombie and liked the concept. All and all a fun watch. Go enjoy it and stop kidding on your a movie critic. ;)

Utter pish. Acting was painful and I struggled to keep paying attention. I watched another shark movie a few weeks ago that I enjoyed a lot more. Pictured below.

While this is seems to be much lower budget than the Shallows it is a much better movie. A lot more tense and a more enjoyable story line. 

 I also finaly got round to watching The Ruins.

I had put this one off for a while but I really enjoyed it in the end. Something a little different and worth a watch. 

And last but not least, although it's an old movie, I finally got to see the Labyrinth in the cinema.

An absolute treat and only the second time my wife had seen the movie. 

That's about all I can remember for now but go watch some of this stuff. It's all good. 


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